FirstClot the supplier of hemostatic gauze and medial Hydrogel dressing.Amorphous Hydrogel.Silicone Foam Dressing with Border .Alginate Dressing. and Super Absorben Dressing - Bluerry Bio-Tech Co.,Ltd

Bluerry(HK) Bio-Tech Co.,Ltd  is a high technology hemostatic device company founded in 2003 that develops fast-acting, easy-to-use hemostatic products that stop bleeding wherever it occurs, making it possible to save lives and improve patient outcomes. 

Chinese people's Liberation Army Academy of military medical field blood transfusion Institute with Bluerry Bio-Tech Co.,Ltd jointly developed zeolite hemostatic dressing and combat hemostatic gauze. These product are quick, easy, safe use and apply a wide range of outstanding features, has filled the blank of medicine avaliable in domestic areas for medical treatment of moderate to severe bleeding.

our products have obtained CE certification.

FirstClot® products are developed and manufactured in China. Bluerry(HK)Bio-Tech Co.,Ltd is a privately-held company based in Shenzhen, CT. For more information, E-mail and call please.