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Bluerry(HK) Bio-Tech Co.,Ltd is a high technology combat hemostatic devices company founded in 2003 that develops fast-acting, easy-to-use hemostatic products that stop bleeding wherever it occurs, making it possible to save lives and improve patient outcomes.

FirstClot® products :Zeolite hemostatic dressing(沸石止血粉) and Combat hemostatic gauze(战斗止血纱布) have been used by many clients that from  Europe ,Latin America. Southeast Asia and Africa and Middle-East.

We are very proud to present that Sliver Alginate Dressing and Sliver Foam Dressing. wound dressing ,such as Wound Dressing, such as Silver Silicone Foam Dressing and other brilliant products are on their way to provide one-stop solution for you.

We are one susidiary of Asian Most Influential Brands,Bluerry(HK) -Bio. But it's you who make us shine brightly.

Bluerry (HK)Bio-Tech Co.,Ltd is a wholly owned independent subsidiay a large multinational corporation ,we always service  for all over the world , welcome to inquire us for starting wounderful experience.


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